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Divorce/Family Law

Without question, some of the most emotionally charged issues are in Divorce/Family law i.e. children, finances, assets and debts.


Are you having legal issues regarding a divorce or a family case? 


We no longer speak in terms of custody, now we talk about about Parental Responibilities, formally known as joint custody.  Parental Responsibilities are decisions made about your child's education, medical, religion and extracurricular. Can you and your spouse/partner make those decisions together?  


We no longer speak in terms of visitation, instead it is referred to as parenting time.  When should you and your spouse/other parent spend weekly time with the children and who will have each holiday with the children?


Are you seeking child support or a modification of your present child support or is the issue the children's expenses?  The law changed as of July 1, 2017, now we have an income shared model that takes into account both your income and your spouses'/partner's income and the number of overnights with the child you each have.


Are the issues related to martial assets or debts? What is an marital asset or debt and what is a nonmarital asset or debt?  Do you have a martial residence, who should have that marital residence?  Do you have a business, who will have that business, is there any value to distribute?


These are all matters I am well experienced to handle. 


I focus my practice on Family/Divorce law, so I can guide you through your issues.






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